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"You are a creator. Plant seeds, manifest dreams."

Growing Artistically provides evidence based art therapy and community art opportunities to youth and millennials. We offer schools and organizations PBIS- Positive Behavior Intervention Support and After School bully prevention.

Our curriculum is the soil to our mission. Art therapy and art education provides a deeper look at the social emotional development of children. We encourage individuals to focus on developing empathetic listening, 21st century skills, fostering a creative mindset, and establishing financial independence.

Cincinnati Artist and Art Educator for Cincinnati Public Schools. In 2017, I graduated from Mount St. Joseph University with a Bachelors in Art Education & Socio-Psychology. That same year  I began my  journey as CEO of Growing Artistically and Art Educator for CPS. This started as a vision/ intention for my son, reminding me of  child development, empathy, and unconditional love. I  saw right away the  impact art plays in the lives of children.  Any art teacher will agree, our students tell stories with their art. They use their experiences at home and school and out in the world and make beautiful pictorial illustrations. That being said it's always emotional when you see children show  self- hate,  deaths, abandonment, homelessness, expressed in their art. Growing Artistically allows us to use art therapy to give  programs that encourage, empower, and motivate their highest self. Hopefully every child will plant their seed in a purpose that drives their creativity and keeps them on a growth mindset.

CEO/ Founder

Maria Green

 I am a  Hair Stylist/Chef and I’m very
good with my senses (touch, sight, smell, taste) . I love that the things I can create with my hands bring people joy. All my life I have always felt a sense of yearning to change the world in a monumental way. Prior to 2015, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to do that. This caused me to battle with depression, feeling such a huge obligation and seeing no way to manifest it.The skills and talents I had, no one ever showed me how I could use them to create opportunity for myself. Now that Im knowledgeable about the arts, trades, and every other option besides what society says is an “acceptable” career, I have never felt more fulfilled in my life. It is going to bring great happiness to teach  what I’ve learned to our youth.  Anything is absolutely achievable!

Executive Director 

Brianna Harrison

Our Mission

We encourage youth and millennials to empower and motivate their highest self. Utilizing their creativity as an instrument to influence one's perspective on the world and themselves.


Our Vision

Growing Artistically is the influence to manifest creative leaders that can perfect their craft, build connections, and inspire their community to establish a commitment to growth mindset.

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