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We have enriched over 2,000 lives through holistic, empowering, and motivational projects. Our 2020 vision is to sponsor and support youth creatives. Our evidence- based art therapy curriculum supports positive social and emotional development and inspires youth to WRITE, BUILD,and CREATE their future!


Our projects focus on the 40 assets of youth development and encourages academic success, 21st century skills, and effective problem solving. We allow children to manifest their dreams and to be active in their community now, influencing their peers as creative leaders.

You are a creator!




Art Therapy or expressive art, positively affects brain function, mood, cognition and behavior. 


Children with special needs,  autism, speech impairments, PTSD, developmental disabilities, ADD/ADHD or other mental and behavioral health conditions benefit from the art making process.


 Sensory of art making  improves mood, sensory integration, and calming the body and mind, especially with children who have experienced traumatic events.


Neurobiologist inform mental health professionals specific art-based activities, within the context of therapy, are helpful to children.


Art expression is a form of nonverbal communication. For children who may not be able to articulate thoughts, sensations, emotions or perceptions, it is one way to convey what may be difficult to express with words.


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